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The history of Pink Floyd

Richard William Wright was born in London on 28 July 1945 of a well to do family. His parents, Bridie and Cedric Wright had two other children, daughters: Selina and Guinvere. He went to the exclusive Harberdashers' school and at 17 he went to the Regent Street School of Architecture and there he met bassist Roger Waters and drummer Nick Mason. They set up a group at college and were joined six months later by lead guitarist Syd Barrett.

Richard Wright:" It was great when Syd joined. Before him, we'd play the R&B classics, because that's what all groups where supposed to then. But I never liked R&B very much. I was actually more of a jazz fan. With Syd, the direction changed, it became more improvised around the guitar and keyboards. Roger started playing the bass as a lead instrument and I started to introduce more of my classical feel." They went under various names, including The Meggadeaths, Sigma 6, The Abdabs(Juliette Gale was part of the Abdabs who married Ricahrd Wright.), Leonard's Lodgers and The T-Set, before settling on the name The Pink Floyd Sound, which was taken from of Syd Barrett's favorite bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. As their confidence grew, they went from pop and R&B covers to their own extended psychedelic improvisations.

 Barrett became the band's chief songwriter in their early stages, contributing most of their songs on their first album (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) and their two hit singles 'Arnold Layne' and 'See Emily Play'. After two Top 20 singles and a Top 10 album in'67 , Pink Floyd looked set for a successful career but Syd's experiments with LSD led him to become even more bizarre and eccentric, until eventually he was dismissed from the group in April 1968, to be replaced by David Gilmour.

Albums :

Here is info about all the official some unofficial albums and singles.

1967 Arnold Layne / Candy and a Currant Bun (single) See Emily Play / The Scarecrow (single) The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Apples an Oranges/ Paint Box (single) Scream thy last Scream / Vegetable Man (withdrawn single) 1968 It would be so Nice / Julia Dream (single) Tonight Let's all make Love in London Syd Barrett is thrown out of the group, David Gilmour enters Point me at the Sky / Careful with that Axe, Eugene (single) A Saucerful of Secrets Octopus / Golden Hair Syd Barrett solo (single) 1969 Ummagumma More Biding my Time 1970 The Madcap Laughs Syd Barrett solo Zabriske Point Atom Heart Mother Music From the Body Roger Waters solo Barrett Syd Barrett solo 1971 Meddle 1972 Obscured by Clouds 1973 Dark Side of the Moon A Nice Pair 1974 Started a household objects music project but didn't finish 1975 Wish You Were Here 1976 1977 Animals

1978 David Gilmour David Gilmour solo Wet Dreams Rick Wright solo There's no way out of Here David Gilmour solo (single) Definitely David Gilmour solo (single) 1979 Another Brick in the Wall, part 2 / One of my Turns The Wall 1980 Fictitious Sports Nick Mason solo 1981 A Collection of Great Dance Songs 1982 When the Tigers Broke Free / Bring the Boys Back Home (single) 1983 The Final Cut Not now John / The Heroes Return (single) 1984 Roger Waters split from the group and hoped the others would give up Pink Floyd The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking Roger Waters solo and would-have-been-Pink Floyd album About Face David Gilmour solo Identity Zee (Rick's group) album Blue Light / Cruise David Gilmour solo (single) Love on the Air / Let's get Metaphysical David Gilmour solo (single) The Pros an Cons of Hitch Hiking / Apparently they were Travelling Aboard Roger Waters solo (single) Every Stranger's Eyes / For the First Time Today Roger Waters solo (single) Confusion / Eyes of a Gypsy Rick Wright solo (single) 1985 Lie for a Lie / And the Address Nick Mason solo (single) Profiles Nick Mason and Rich Fenn solo 1986 But they didn't!! After several lawsuits David Gilmour and Nick Mason started again When the Wind Blows Roger Waters solo 1987 Momentary Lapse of Reason Radio K.A.O.S Roger Waters solo Radio Waves / Going to live in L.A Roger Waters solo (single) The Tide is turning / Get back to Radio Roger Waters solo (single) Learning to Fly / One Slip / Terminal Frost On the Turning Away / Run Like Hell 1988 Opal collection of Syd Barrett songs The Peel Session collection of Syd Barrett songs 1989 Delicate Sound of Thunder(1988?) 1990 The Wall live in Berlin Roger Waters and several other artists 1991 1992 Amused to Death Roger Waters solo 1993 1994 The Division Bell High Hopes / Keep Talking / One of These Days (single) 1995 PULSE 1996 Broken China Rick Wright solo

Records sold :

1. Dark Side of the Moon 25 Million

2. The Wall 17 Million

3. Wish You Were Here 10 Million

4. Animals 6 Million

5. A Momentary Lapse of Reason 6 Million

Tours & Shows :

1967 - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1968 - A Saucerful of Secrets 1969 - The Man/The Journey/More 1970 - Atom Heart Mother/Colourful meadows 1971 - Meddle/Mauerspechte (dubbel live) 1972 - Obscured By Clouds 1973 - The Dark Side of the Moon 1975 - Wish You Were Here 1977 - Animals 1979 - The Wall 1981 - A collection of great dance songs 1983 - The final cut 1987 - A Momentary Lapse of Reason 1988 - Delicate sound of thunder 1993 - Shine on 1994 - The Division Bell 1995 - Pulse

Diverse Tour's

oOctober 1967 - First tour of the United States oNovember 1967 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience tour oJuly 1968 - A Saucerful of Secrets tour oMay 1969 - The Man/The Journey tour oSeptember 1970 - Atom Heart Mother tour oOctober 1971 - Meddle tour oMarch 1973 - Dark Side of the Moon tour oNovember 1974 - British Winter Tour 1974 oApril 1975 - Wish You Were Here tour oJanuary 1977 - Animals tour oSeptember 1987 - A Momentary Lapse of Reason tour oMarch 1994 - The Division Bell tour

Upcoming projects :

This information is not official yet.

From MTV news:

Good news for maturer rock fans who're planning to celebrate the turn of the century. British rock band Pink Floyd are scheduled to play at a millennium concert in Greenwich, London to mark the 21st Century.

The massive events in 3 years time is going to take place next to the world's largest Ferris wheel which is also being built to celebrate the century.

This story was also carried on Virgin Radio, HM Government has set aside ?200 million pounds for this millennium celebration!

Pink Floyd will make a last album called The Final Album in 1997. They will make their last gig called The Final Tour in 1998.

"Pink Floyd will reunite with Roger Waters for a massive (believe it or not) Wish You Were Here tour!!!" Look for 1997 (summer) for this massive tour!"

Someone heard on a radio interview with Rick Wright, that even if Wright isn't in contact with Roger Waters, Waters will probably rejoin the Floyd due to massive public demands.

Pink Floyd have been RECORDING for a new album in May 96 in secret. They have been recording with Morriston Orpheus male voice choir, near Swansea, South Wales. According to a choir member, they have been working on a wall-esque piece by Pink Floyd. It would also seem that in the early stages, Nick Mason was unable to play the drums due to an accident, so another drummer was brought in. It is unconfirmed, but it is believed to have been Phil Collins (ex Genesis). I'll keep you posted of any further developments. I know nothing more to date (Dec, 1996).

Also, a Canadian production company has supposedly approached The Floyd to do an outdoor concert in Nova Scotia. It is unclear at present whether the band have accepted the offer, but indications from management are that they will not be touring for some time, and it is unlikely that they will include that venue.

"I heard on the radio and read it in the news paper that Floyd might tour in 97. The only thing I could think of that the 25th anniversary of Dark Side is coming soon......"

Pink Floyd tabs:

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Brain Damage / Eclipse tab and chord

Pink Floyd - breathe tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Have A Cigar tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Hey You tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Money tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Time tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Us And Them tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here tab and chord

Pink Floyd - Young Lust tab and chord

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