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Elton John - Your Song lyric meanings and song facts

All facts provided by Songfacts

This was Elton's first single to chart. It was on his second album, but the single did not come out until 7 months later, when it was released to promote his tour. Elton released his third album, Tumbleweed Connection, before the single came out.
This was one of the first songs John wrote with Bernie Taupin. They met after a record company gave John some of Taupin's lyrics to work with. Eventually, they both moved into John's parents' house, where they started working together.
The song was written in 1967. Taupin was 17.
Taupin wrote this over breakfast at John's parents' house, where he was living. The original lyrics have coffee stains on them.
Elton wrote the music in about 20 minutes, as he often did with Taupin's lyrics in their early days.
This helped alter the music landscape in the early '70s. After it came out, singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Carole King had a lot of success with heartfelt songs featuring a prominent vocal and a soft piano or guitar.
Elton performs this at all his concerts.
This attracted the attention of some heavy hitters in the music industry. Arranger Paul Buckmaster and producer Gus Dudgeon both signed on to work with Elton after hearing this. They played a big part in crafting his songs over the next several years.
Elton appeared on US TV for the first time performing this on The Andy Williams Show. He was shy and dressed very plain, which changed a few years later when he became known for his outrageous costumes and flamboyant personality.
Elton's song "We All Fall In Love Sometimes" is about the writing of this song.
After hearing this, John Lennon said Elton was "The first new thing that's happened since we (The Beatles) happened." They ended up becoming good friends.
Elton: "I don't think I've written a love song as good since."
This was originally released as the B-side of "Take Me To The Pilot."
In 1987, John released a live version as a single from his album Live In Australia. It didn't chart, but the next single from the album, "Candle In The Wind," did.
Billy Joel performed this with Elton at the 2001 "Concert For New York" to benefit victims of the World Trade Center attacks. It was not included on the CD of the show.
This was used in the movie Welcome Home, and also in a commercial for Rimmel Cosmetics.
This played a major role in the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge. It is sung by Ewan McGregor when he presents it as a poem to Nicole Kidman.

All facts provided by Songfacts


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